Pythagoras Systems is a Volentix Development Partner

Volentix is a community-powered DAO: a decentralized autonomous organization. Volentix exists to explore the disruptive potential of decentralized applications (DApps).


To combine the ancient wisdom with the technologies of today for a better future.


A decentralized free market powered and secured by Blockchain technology.

Core Values

Research and development for the Volentix DAO Specializes in development of DApps, Machine Learning and blockchain technology Is developing Vespucci as well as a suite of blockchain enabled DApps Develops policies and governance for the DAO and the VTX token Research and development of the Semantic Web and the Volentix Learning Registry
Decentralization of governance Personal privacy and security Open Source Community Transparency

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Cryptocurrency total market cap has risen from $18Bn in January 2017 to $345Bn today.

2018 will be a year of exceptional promise in the continuing transformation of the cryptocurrency landscape.

Bitcoin launches ‘Lightning Network’ to developers, promising increased speeds and decreased costs.

Volentix enters the public arena, beginning to publish regular updates on development progress for the pillar dapps; namely, Vdex, Verto-wallet, Vespucci and Venue.

EOS launches their 3rd Generation blockchain after raising 1.4billion dollars in equivalent cryptocurrency.

Ethereum introduces the plasma framework, bringing massive scaling potential to the second most popular cryptocurrency.

Our Team

Alexis Anastasiou

Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur, investor & engineer. Excellent track record managing very large budgets. BoD member in numerous companies. Founder and co-founder of several start-ups. Mentor of start-up founders. Technology and blockchain enthusiast.

Yiannis Emiris

CTO & Chief Scientist
Professor of Computer Science. 25 years of research experience in Scientific Computing and Data Science, R&D Project Coordinator, Team Manager, Consultant of high-tech start-ups.

Kostas Pylarinos

Experienced investment manager and specialist in derivatives and fixed income products. Expert in financial and business analysis. Mentor and strategy consultant in blockchain projects.

Dimitra Panou

Researcher & Developer
Computer scientist & full stack developer. MSc in Bioinformatics and Machine Learning researcher.

Manolis Christoforou

Researcher & Developer
Computer scientist & full stack developer. PhD candidate and Machine Learning expert.

Panos Sakkos

Founder of Blocktopus
Proven track record in delivering secure, reliable and fast cloud services. Previously Linux kernel developer at the CERN CERT, Data Mining researcher at UoA and Microsoft Office 365 cloud services innovator. On a mission to accelerate Distributed Ledger Technologies products.

Ioanna Fotopoulou

Business Development
Ioanna is an engineer, entrepreneur, and social media pirate. For her social initiatives, she has been recognized by many international organizations like One Young World, Clinton Global Initiative (CGIU) and Social Impact Awards. She used to play football professionally this is why she loves being part of inspiring teams.

Chrysanthi Saliagkopoulou

Marketing and Operations
Molecular Biologist, Science Communicator, Stand-Up scientist, Public speaker and outreach officer, Clinton-Global-Initiative University Angelopoulos Fellow.